... to the FlameIRC Network. A non-intrusive network that respects a user and their privacy. Founded with the aim to become an almost rule free network where oper's don't interfere with user affairs and where user's have the ability to perform all the task's they need with our services.

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Our network run's on very few but stable host's which mean although more users per server there's less servers to manage, we can then in turn focus our attention to them servers whilst still being able to connect to the network without being refused a connection.

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pYlink fREE

We don't use janus links, their a risk to any network linked. We are our own network, our users and own servers.  PyLink (Janus) opens up the possibility of user's IP being exposed, users pretending to be others and putting us in the firing line of a DDoS attack.

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We encourage users to use SSL whenever possible. We use SSL between our servers so users should too. Services and the services portal is one of many secure ways to communicate with our network and it's psuedo bots.

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